Transform Your Bathroom Into An Oasis

When you are selling Kingston real estate, people will notice how clean your home is and will be looking for things outside of what is normal. For example, while clean floors, furniture and windows are important, the smaller parts of your home, such as your ceiling fans, can also have a major impact on potential buyers. You want to go around your home and inspect every nook and cranny to ensure it is clean and ready for visitors.

Look On Top of Everything

You will likely need a ladder for this because you want to look on top of home elements, such as your cabinets, tall furniture and your doorway frames. These areas tend to collect dust pretty quickly, so if you have not cleaned them in a while, they can be visibly dirty. It is important to go around your home and inspect all tall elements and make sure that they are wiped down and clean.

Your ceiling fans should also be a part of this process. You cannot really see the tops of the fan blades unless you get up there and specifically look. If you have a lot of dust and debris on the fan blades, this can fly around when you turn your ceiling fan on and this can happen during your open house. This will not take long as all you need is some soap and water to get the job done.

Make Sure Your Ceilings Are Clean

Clean ceilings are often overlooked because it is not a cleaning task you think about every day. However, when potential buyers are checking out your home, they are looking at everything. Make sure to use a bright light to inspect the cleanliness of your ceilings. This is especially important if your home has rooms where there is not a bright overhead light. If your ceilings are especially dull, consider cleaning and then repainting them.

Consider Professional HVAC Cleaning

Your vents and ductwork are definitely not a part of your weekly cleaning and they do not have to be. However, if it has been at Bonuses least this a year since you tackled this cleaning, you want to consider getting it done. Even if you cannot see visible dirt when looking at your vents, the impurities can be in your ductwork. When you turn on your HVAC system, this dirt, dust and other impurities can go out into your home, throwing these everywhere. It can also aggravate issues like asthma and allergies.

As you can see, getting your home ready for the Kingston real estate market takes a little time and preparation. However, when you attend to the small details, this is something that your potential buyers will notice and remember in a positive way.

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